ছবি, চলচ্চিত্র এবং আমাদের বিগত কনসার্টগুলো সম্বন্ধে দর্শকদের মতামত দেখুন....

I really felt blessed for the opportunity to enjoy this amazing, blissful concert last night! Amazing, joyful, spiritual, if I could only have more words to describe!
Sylvia Edgell
Arthur and I enjoyed a wonderful experience last night at the Miramar Cultural Center, vrey uplifting in these times of instability. May the cast of performers be rewarded for their generosity in bringing so much joy to the audience.
This concert was a real audio-visual attraction, a touching experience which opened every heart...I could really imagine that after this Earthly concert, during the night, when we are sleeping, these artists join together again and play this amazing music for listeners in the spiritual world...