The artists performing in Songs of the Soul have taken Sri Chinmoy's creations and from them imagined a journey through a vast landscape of musical expression - classical and modern, Eastern and Western, tranquil and fast-paced, contemplative and joyful.


  • Alap Jetzer (Indian flute) is a supremely gifted musician whose music is extraordinary in every way. He has been making instruments and composing innovative music for many years in his native Switzerland. In his Songs of the Soul performances, he masterfully arranges Sri Chinmoy's melodies in his own expansive and cosmic "New Age" style.
  • As soon as you hear the first tones of Mandu’s Erhu, you will have a unique inner experience.
  • Adesh offers his beautiful, improvisational creations based on Sri Chinmoy's melodies, which flow from his sitar in an unending stream.
  • Paree’s International Group was formed by Sri Chinmoy over 20 years ago when the girls were just children. Today the group consists of up to 70 members from over 20 nations.
  • Originally from Winnipeg and now based in Montreal, Pavaka performs regularly with The Pavaka Ensemble in Eastern Canadian Cities as well as New York City.
  • Vedic Fire, a group of four male singers, bring the listener into the world of ancient Indian chants. The haunting and powerful voices express the deep longing of the human soul for a higher form of consciousness.
  • This Czech instrumental group was founded by Agnikana Senkyrova in 1997, and its 16 members play a whole gamut of instruments, including indian harmonium, guitar, concert and wooden flutes, santur and glockenspiel.

The Songs of the Soul concerts offer a variety of international music encompassing many different genres. Each concert is unique in that the groups that perform vary depending on when and where the concerts are taking place around the world. For these talented musicians, to perform in these concerts is an offering from their souls, so the audiences may share in their inspiration and joy, and receive an uplifting and meditative experience.